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Public Notices and By-Laws

Notice of enactment - loan by-law 2017-002

Loan BL Brock & Ballantyne work

Public notice - consultation meeting - draft amendment - planning programme

draft by-law - amendment to the urban plan

Public consultation – draft amendment to permits by-law

Draft by-law – various amendments concerning permits

Conformity assessment of certain by-laws

Concordance By-Law 2016-025 amending the zoning by-law

By-Law 2016-024 amending the Planning Programme

By-law 2016-026 on 2017 Taxation 

Notice of enactment (new by-law on council meetings)

By-law 2016-023 on rules for council meetings

Date of Adoption of 2017 Budget

Notice of Enactment - Concordance urban by-laws with agglo 

2016-012 concordance urban plan

2016-013 concordance permits BL

2016-014 concordance zoning BL

2016-015 concordance SPAIP

Draft Zoning Amendments

Zoning Public Consultation

Draft Urban Plan Modifications

Public Consultation Urban Plan

Public Notice - Municipal Commission of Quebec

Modifications to the urban planning program

Concordance by-law on permits

Concordance by-law on zoning

Concordance by-law on SPAIP

Demolition by-law

Concordance draft urban plan

Public meeting concordance urban plan

Concordance draft permit

Public meeting concordance permits

Concordance draft zoning

Public meeting concordance zoning

Concordance draft SPAIP

Public meeting concordance SPAIP

Draft zoning amendment

Public consultation zoning

Draft SPAIP amendment

Public consultation SPAIP

Notice by-law 2016-004

BL 2016-004 zoning Brock

Tree protection by-law

Loan by-law - Strathearn work

Open Registre for Loan by-law

Hardscaping by-law

Notice of deposit – Auditor’s report

Loan by-law infrastructure work 2015-002

Enactment of By-Law 418-8

By-Law 418-8 Water Supply Rate

Enactment of By-Law 2015-001

By-Law 2015-001 lot surface zone RD-1

Nuisance by-law amendment 456-7

By-Law 2007-004 - Pesticides

Animal By-laws

By-Law 2015-006 new animal by-law


Dog Exercise Area by-law updated


Opening hours of dog park



Garbage Collection & Disposal Bylaw


By-Law 2014-007 - Limit of Day Care Service


By-Law 2014-007


By-Law amending Traffic By-Law No. 405

By-Law 405-29

By-Law Increasing the Working Fund from $200,000 to $520,00


By-Law 2014-02

By-Law Concerning Taxes of the Town of Montreal West for the Fiscal Year 2016


By-Law 2015-010


Municipal By-Laws

The Town Clerk oversees the legal procedure required for by-laws, such as the issuing of public notices, which are published in the local newspapers, "The Suburban".

Copies of by-laws may be obtained from the Town Clerk’s Department at a cost of $0.38 per page.

Planning by-laws may be consulted on line in the Urban Planning Section.



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